Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spread the Word

I am forwarding the links below. Hillary did better it the Super Tuesday Democratic primary than I ever could have hoped. I understand all may not feel as I do about taking the presidency by a Democrat who can win but in case you do I send what I was sent below from Secretary Hillary Clinton's campaign. If you want to contribute to a Democrat who can win go to to do so or you have the option of going to the links below.

Donald Trump must NEVER come even NEAR the oval office. The consequences of a Trump presidency would be national suicide. A nation is not a business. It is composed of all of us who must work together with those nations around the globe without Trumpian bluster and shoot-from-the-hip rude madness. Nation states who are our allies will be alienated and those who are our adversaries will not submit to his authoritarian dictates. Our nuclear world demands prudence and careful analysis for which Trump has NO ability nor the temperament.

I urge you to be smart and to be pragmatic for you, your children, your children's children, and for all of us. The stakes are enormous. I share what the Clinton campaign sent to me. Scroll below.

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