Monday, March 07, 2016

Short Comment on the Democratic Debate tonight

I am still standing strong with Hillary though I did not catch the debate as I was nursing a migraine probably from the hateful Republicon Party and the thought of it going near the oval office which makes me literally sick.

I did read that Bernie was rather rude. I am NOT surprised. He is as I have read difficult with whom to work and read him described as a scold. He has, it is said a nasty temperament and for the highest office in the land and maybe most powerful in the world that is a deficit.

Of course, next to the disgusting, profane, rude name calling, low blow Republicans and their devastating policy, Republicans should collectively NEVER get near the oval office. The Democratic debates are a genteel tea party (pardon the pun) by comparison.

Bernie, too, is on one speed -- the Wall Street menace. I believe Hillary gets that as well and she gets so much more that is so important for the presidency. Bernie voted against the ability to sue gun manufacturers and said it would effectively put them out of business. Funny, it does not do that to any other corporations simply ask the tobacco companies. They have been significantly sued and still reap a profit. The ability to sue is important as it is an impetus for something so lethal as a gun to be held monetarily accountable for its safety. Moreover, she is especially expert in foreign policy and more. She has the leadership capabilities necessary for the presidency. Sanders lacks that in triplicate.

I'll stick with Hillary Clinton and hope for no more migraine headaches!

GOTV for Hillary who can win and Democrats everywhere.

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