Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Political Purchases

Sanders's strategy is to win the western states which he thinks are more progressive than the ones Hillary won last Super Tuesday. The big kahuna, California, of course, is in the mix. Moreover, he says that matching up Donald Trump and him in the general his stats are much better than Hillary's to defeat Trump. I must think about that. I am not sure he is right in that she swept all five contentious states Tuesday including the big one, Ohio.

In truth, I like Bernie Sanders but I cannot manage to whip up enthusiasm for him. My heart is with Hillary who has experience times ten that makes her the most qualified for the presidency. There is no movement in the Democratic Party that is viciously against one candidate or the other ... yet. The wonderful thing about those who are in the Democratic Party is that however it shakes out, and I do think it will happen for Hillary, we can be sure we will have no problem voting for either of the two candidates who may prevail. That is a pretty good place to be. 

Having said that I just purchased a Hillary 3/4 length sleeve T shirt and two bumper stickers. My political radar says those purchases will not be in vain.

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