Wednesday, March 09, 2016


My cousin wrote to me this below.  I think he hit the bulls-eye:

"Trump's attraction is largely attributable to how both parties have repeatedly attacked the poor and the middle class, emasculating us incrementally; all the while enriching and enshrining into law the continued protections for extreme wealth. SCOTUS and an incompetent Congress (regardless of majority party, it must be noted!) have insured that the top 1/10th of 1% can write their own bills that will be made law, and business can wantonly kill (alà GM) and continually rob and cheat, facing at most a mild slap on the wrist. Companies can run the numbers and decide it is OK to murder because the settlements will be cheaper than fixing the problem. Banks can sell toxic assets to pension plans and the elderly because they can get Moody's to give CDSs sterling ratings. When they get caught, so what! They pay a tiny (by comparison) fine, but at least they got rid of their losses!! Meanwhile, the damage to those who bought those sick investments goes on, and they will never be made whole. But the banks get billions in loans, assured by the government.....that is, BOTH PARTIES,.....that they have no worries because the taxpayer will take care of them always!

I really felt this phrase of Chomsky's was resonate:
"...... is that the hopefulness of the ‘30s and the social struggles and achievements that inspired it have been largely supplanted by fear, despair, and isolation, opening the way to the Trump phenomenon, which should be cause for deep concern."

It is this anger and relentless frustration which draws people foolishly to the Donald. We, who for so long have been told how we live in the greatest country with the greatest democracy, are absolutely sick of the lies and rapaciousness of our politicians! They, who sit on the hill with a guaranteed and very comfortable paycheck, plus excellent healthcare and the best pensions extant, continue to tell us how they will fix things, just like they have been doing for more than a century. We have been alternatively hammered and lulled: the first is by our increasing tax bill and decreasing services, while the second is the occasional bone of hope we get, such as the affordable care act. The latter are increasingly rare because the wealthy feel these are too costly, therefore our political system must go through these four year gyrations to convince the bulk of the populace that we have the power (HA!) and hope still exists if we just vote the right way!"

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