Monday, February 22, 2016


It has been asked "Who Can Stop Trump [in the Republican field]?" Answer: No one Anyone who possibly can, in reality, courts the same people with the same policies as he -- hateful, mean, anti-immigrant, anti-gay rights, voter rights suppression of minorities, a bellicose military, police and more without understanding the complexity of any of it. Is this the face of America’s Lady Liberty who welcomes the huddled masses yearning to breathe free to her shore? I think not.

I have chosen, with passion, to be an ally of the poor, of the rejected, of those minorities in our society who need help. Perhaps, I am too passionate, I do not know, but along with helping myself reject a Republican Party that would surely reject me and for all the other reasons I stated, I will support a Democrat who can win in this case its Hillary Clinton because if she wins I win, if she wins those who need a helping hand win, and immigrants who made and will make our country a beacon of freedom's light win. In the end, our nation wins. Hillary Clinton is BRILLIANT, has experience as high as Everest, she has the political savvy to do it. She will be ONE OF the most EFFECTIVE PRESIDENTS WHO KNOWS the political landscape and will not take this nation back nearly a century. She KNOWS the Congress and she KNOWS the presidency. Hillary you will have my vote. My only regret is that I have but one to give you. 

I believe the things I champion are the forces of what is good and right about this nation to, indeed, make this country great again!

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