Monday, February 29, 2016

Melissa Harris Perry's quick departure from MSNBC

I wondered why when I tuned in to MHP on the weekends I was not seeing her. I chalked it up to time off or, perhaps, vacation. Since Keith Olbermann left and I had read uber conservative things I did not like about Mr. Griffin who was taking over the reins of MSNBC I knew something maybe was off.

Dr. Perry is such a phenomenally knowledgeable host and a necessary one whose perspective on race is much needed. In short, I loved listening to her and I loved the variety of guests she chose to sit at her table.

Yet again, I am as suspicious as I was when WGBH TV was taken over by Koch and his right wing sympathizers that I would never again get critical news analysis that this allegedly free culture so desperately needs to educate an uneducated public.

Is Phil Griffin simply the same old conservative usurper of what is increasingly skewed to the right news? I am suspecting this is the same ploy to inhale the progressive air and leave us with pollution we cannot breathe. Moreover, it is devastating to an allegedly democratic exceptional nation. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world which in pertinent part looks at us as a dumbed down nation.

If Phil Griffin dares touch Rachel (the Edward R. Murrow of our time,) Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes or Larry O'Donnell I will organize a boycott of the station. I should anyway as I want MHP back on HER terms. It is, after all her show. MSNBC should be progressive, stay progressive and stop undermining yet another smart progressive voice!

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