Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Stuff of Life

A beloved friend from childhood posted a picture of her family today to say a few words in memorial of her beloved father-in-law. The family picture was brimming in the numbers of relations within it and it was a picture, I think, of the love she holds for all of them. It gave me pause for thought and I wrote her the following:

It [the picture] is the stuff of life from which we are made. From generation to generation it grows and the essence of that life is held within the magic of each of the billions of cells within us. It is truly miraculous as is the entirety of evolutionary creation that begat us all. Man is the only mammal that can contemplate this miracle.

No matter the difficulties one faces it is the blessing that we get to view this snapshot of life for the short time we do. It is why we need to appreciate this gift for every sunrise we get to see and every day we get to experience. It is a picture of a wonderful family and a reflection of all of life itself!

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