Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Sailors and the Speech

Republicans made a big deal and uttered virulent criticism of Obama for this latest incident with Iran before they even knew if it would be resolved.  They, of course, want Obama and the Iran nuclear deal to fail. Iran released the sailors and the Iran deal will not fail.

Thank you, Iran, for releasing the sailors.  I do not know what happened that this event ensued. Iran CLEARLY does NOT want Donald Trump as president or any other Republican who will, at the least provocation real or imagined, bomb them to start a war.  Moreover, Iran may have avoided another Reagan over-inflated-presidency ... so far.

One simple thing to say about the last State-of-the-Union Obama speech:  EXCELLENT!

The Rebuttal Speech:

Niki Haley, the Republican South Carolina governor, who ordered the Confederate flag near the capitol in Charleston taken down after 9 persons of color were killed in church by a white supremacist, is facing Republican criticism for her rebuttal speech.  In my opinion, for a Republican, her rebuttal speech was quite good.  She actually placed some of the blame for the intractability of Congress on her own Republican Party.  In fact, ALL of the blame belongs on them.  Obama is a compromiser.  For those Republican miscreants to criticize her was shameful when she gave most cogent rebuttal speech any Republican has given throughout the Obama presidency.
The proof:
Bobbi Jindal, former Governor of Louisiana, gave the first rebuttal speech.  He lost his election and now is unemployed.  McDonnell, the law breaker ex-governor of Virginia and second rebuttal speech giver, resigned in disgrace facing jail time convicted for his illegalities while in office.  Rubio, the water guzzler, who looked humorous reaching for ad infinitum bottles of water when he gave his allegedly serious "rebuttal speech." Niki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, gave the last and best Republican rebuttal of the Obama years yet know-nothing Republicans can only criticize her!
I wish the president could serve another 8 year term with a Democratic Congress.  Now on to November and without fail elect another Democratic president!

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