Monday, January 04, 2016

Militia and More: Gunmen Seize Federal Building In Oregon

Who are these Clive Bundy allies and occupiers of a federal building in Oregon?  (Link below) Look into the "Militia movement" to see who many of these people are and what they believe. They are violent, right wing uber nationalists who would not give two thoughts about taking life for the so called "just cause" of property rights they fold into their "Don't Tread on Me" flags.

Just what are they kvetching (Yiddish complaining) about now?  They do not want the federal government to create a nature and bird preserve.  It seems they have a problem with the federal government protecting animals and nature by restricting the use of certain lands in particular to those who would abuse them. 

In general, whether it be guns or private property rights they are for them and against the government if the government desires to control human excess.  When it comes to guns, too, they are for them and against government regulatory intrusion but when it comes to gays or a woman's right to choose her reproductive fate and insurance they are for big bad regulatory government.

The right wingnuts seem to think it's more important for one to be able to buy pristine land and put up, well, whatever one wants -- say an oil smoke stack.  Who cares if it pollutes the drinking water bison, birds and humans ingest.  It's the property rights that matter doncha know w
hether it's the East India Company owning humans of color, Standard Oil owning all the oil or the 1% richest owning 98% of the wealth property rights rule. 

Oh yes, these are the same true believers that think if one owns a lunch counter one should have the right to exclude persons of color from it on Constitutional property rights grounds, of course.  Yes, let's go back to 1789 when men of property could legally own slaves as they were property after all.  To hell with Constitutional Amendments especially the 13th banning slavery.  Some Amendments are there to be repealed because some Orwellian things like property rights are more equal than other rights like human rights.

Okay, while they are in the business of repealing amendments maybe they should start with the Second to take guns away from violent people who should not possess guns -- namely them!

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