Friday, July 03, 2015

The End of European Democracy?--The Law of Man

Does Greece mark the end of European Democracy? Read the link here or below.

Austerity is a horror in Greece and everywhere else. It is done for the rich and by the rich. They make out like bandits while the little guy pays the freight and croaks doing it.

WAKE UP, MIDDLE AMERICA. The Republicon Party sold you a CON and 1/2 the nation bought it voting even against their own interests. Blind nationalism and a hatred of Obama made them ruin themselves. We are lucky so far we have avoided another Great Recession and even Depression. What happened in Greece is proof of all of it. Austerity "conservatives" love so much does not work. When a Democrat is at the helm here he thinks about the middle class and that means you!

What would have happened if our president had not been choked by an obstructionist, nullifying, racist Republican Party and the increased stimulus he wanted was given? Our roads would have been fixed, our rails would be in shape, we would have improved our national grid, combated climate change, our transit system would have been developed and our infrastructure -- ALL of it -- repaired. All of that creates jobs and jobs brings in money to the treasury. As complex as economics is to me, I believe, it is that simple. The job figures are much better but the middle class is still losing and the gap between the rich and the poor grows deeper every day and eternal war ratchets up trillions in debt.

The repair that comes does so in the form of an Obama Democrat but his luck to get a Democratic Congress to work with him failed because the voters failed themselves and elected Congressional Republican science denying nincompoops. It is amazing we are in as decent shape as we are and can thank Obama's hard fought internal wars for that. Let's hope it stays that way.

The country needs a DEMOCRATIC president to remain in the oval so our nation will not and cannot fail. While we are at it in the 2016 elections, Republican control of Congress must be stopped. A Republicon, any Republicon, will NOT -- I repeat NOT -- be about most of you.

FDR, Krugman, Progressive Politics win the day and if you who are among the middle classes do not see that then in survival-of-the-fittest mode you, your posterity and their posterity ultimately will not survive. This is the law of the jungle but should NOT be the law of man!

Elect a Democrat who can WIN!

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