Sunday, July 05, 2015

Kudos to Hillary and Happy Birthday America

Hillary Clinton, in the "Humans of New York" Facebook Post, reassured a sad and frightened gay youth. See link below. Hillary's response to him was beautiful and true. It is SO much better now for gays than any could ever have hoped it would be. For this young person who wrote to her, it will be even better.

He should seek out those who are on his side, who will love him for who he is and there are a bazillion of them. Hillary, our next president's, response to him was dazzling and true. She will be our first woman president and despite those who would politically bash her she is one incredible woman. She is smart beyond words and endlessly capable. That young person already has millions of friends plus the next president of the United States. Add one more -- ME!

For those who think this nation is not amazing think again. No nation is perfect and our mostly conservative court just handed millions of human beings rights they deserved. Ask a gay person who knew what it was like before Stonewall.

Happy Birthday America. I thank my grandparents for having the brilliance and fortitude at the turn of the 20th century to make the arduous trip here. This nation gave us a happier life as it has now given happiness to many gays. It will do that for that young person too.

Thank you, Hillary, for your magnificent words of support to him. I hope the young man listens and will see all the friends he has acquired; among them is the next first woman president of this nation.

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