Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Admission

The Admission: I know very little about trade. It's important to know it and yet it is so boring to me that my brain shuts off. However, on the Huffington blog I found an explanation by one whom I think is an astute blogger. It sounds credible. I post it for you to, in part, understand this vital issue. If you think it in error please advise! THEN IN 2016 VOTE THESE LOW LIFE REPUGLICANS OUT OF OFFICE. THEY ARE NOT ABOUT YOU OR ME!

Debra Knox Tillman The original trade agreement is APEC. TPP is an upgrade of that. It began under Bush in 2002. Obama is renegotiating it. He has said that he wants to correct some of the mistakes of previous agreements and added TAA as part of that. TPP is unfinished and is still being negotiated. What has been "leaked" may be parts of Bush's version. ALL trade agreements are considered a part of foreign policy, therefore, they are classified. There are trade advisers of all strata although the majority of them are corporate. Obama doesn't need TPA authority from congress, but by granting him fast track it makes the finished agreement available for us to see for 2 months, then congress has another month to debate it, but can't amend it, and they DONT have to vote yes... they can still reject it and vote no.

Trade agreements don't control corporations..where they invest or move jobs. Corporations bribe governments for access to do business, trade agreements set the terms for doing business between the governments, by establishing rules and regulations to establish accountability. The rules and regs have been lax in enforcement in past agreements, and corporations have moved jobs away, exploiting those workers with low wages, poor working conditions, creating a situation where we're unable to compete. Many of us were used to train our replacements instead of refusing to do so.

Obama submitted a jobs bill over 3 years ago that congress refuses to pass and we've allowed them to get away with that..we're all hyped up about losing jobs to a trade deal, but ok with congress not passing a jobs bill..we're ready to throw Obama under the bus as betrayer-in-chief, but not turn out to vote in the midterms and allow congress to DO NOTHING? I like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. I don't want a lousy trade deal, but I also want the truth to be revealed. Our manufacturing jobs have been slowly leaving since Reagan was president due to corporate greed. We've allowed them to corrupt congress and change the tax code to benefit them, create loopholes for them, and deregulate all our protections so they can extract our tax dollars then tell congress to destroy our public sector through policy changes, to pay for the lost revenue. Think about that while you're busy being upset about this trade deal and the misguided hype.

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