Monday, June 29, 2015

Realty Check

Leave it to Glenn Greenwald to give a reality check refresher course on the equal marriage issue.  It is on the "Intercept."  and is beyond brilliant.  I post the link here and below.  Then scroll down and read my email to Glenn about his historical analysis of gay rights in the US.  I have some amendment to his analysis with respect to the president that I wrote on the "Intercept" blog.

Your article is a BRILLIANT historical analysis and one of the best I have read.   Your historically dazzling article brought me back to reality.   But I will say, Glenn, I did on the "Intercept" blog an Obama supporting small dissent to what you said about him which I do not see on the blog yet. 

Still no one can argue your academically spellbinding analysis of why so  many felt as you said did during those mind crushing decades.  I hope you will be on the Rachel Maddow Show, or any of the other more progressive shows as well as Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" if you haven't already discussed this on her show.

Kudos, you have written an award worthy editorial.  No one can argue with that!

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