Monday, May 18, 2015

What Works

"The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally" - Daniel J. McGraw

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If Republicans do not accept the dictates of science from the biology of evolution to the science of climate change they will die out. One cannot argue with solid science. When it is correct based on repeated testing and verification of many other scientists it is truth.

cannot say I will not be vaccinated against small pox because, as some Muslims, Christian religious fanatics and others falsely say -- it is a plot to inject them with tainted vaccine or a plot to make a buck.  If you reject vaccines your culture will become infected and with no modern medical treatment will die off eventually. If one gets a disease it is not a big deal but if an entire population is infected it is a big deal.

We must hope in the end those with intellect and rational thought who do not reject the truth of science prevail. If it is as the title of the article above says that the GOP is dying out then it is to the benefit of all of us. It should die out as it is woefully lacking the rational thought gene.  Our species will cease to exist if deniers of truth politically win for long periods of time.

One could say that about large parts of the Middle East. If ISIS and religious myth win so that fanatical religion prevails a people will ultimately never be able to sustain a system with all that entails over centuries. People die if they do not have proper food, water, and sound medical treatment delivery systems. One needs science and the contribution of all within its culture, including women who make up over half the population, to create a technologically advanced system.

Cultures -- all cultures --  must reject myths that keep them down, ignorant, empower and make rich the few leaving the rest to wither on the vine. It is true for all religious orthodoxies and other strict ideological belief systems. China and Russia are good examples. They managed, with little violence, to get into the business of rational economic thought, rejecting cemented ideological beliefs for economics that work. The west has done that generally. Survival of the fittest is the first law of nature.  The Chinese figured that out in recent history.  Strict Communist ideological belief could not provide appropriate numbers of goods and services for its huge populous. It switched to a mixed economy.

A people and a culture cannot advance if they are based on superstition, myth, lies and irrational thought. Human beings -- homo sapiens (wise man) -- must live up to its archeological appellation and accept the dictates of prevailing science as slowly but surely we see throughout the millennia science works!

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