Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fe Fie Fo Fum FIFA

I thought the blogs below on FIFA corruption were spot on. Who cares about FIFA?

Nigel Thorn · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed
Who cares? Apparently the corporations in the United States that paid bribes and still didn't get the world cup games here. How convenient is it for the new U.S. attorney general to go after a bunch of sketchy bureaucrats who can't make campaign contributions anyway? Meanwhile, how many bankers, real estate sharps, Fannie Mae execs and shady appraisers went to jail for the 2008 economy-crashing debacle? And what about all the insurance companies being sued in civil court for defrauding homeowners in the wake of Sandy in New York and New Jersey? No, we'll ring bells and blow whistles and thump our chests and go after a bunch of third-rate chiselers based in Switzerland. The target is not worthy of the resources we're applying. What's next? Indictments for the Little Sisters of the Poor?
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Daniel Raymond · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed
Do you think the corporations actually care about having the games in the US? No, they care about the broadcasting and merchandising rights.
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Margaret King · Top Commenter
The US investigation into FIFA has been going on longer than the Banksters here in the US.
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Jeff Lemon · Top Commenter
Agreed. I cracked up when the newsgirl said the corruption netted its perps 150 million. I think we should send Lynch a bag of small potatoes. What would the outcome have been had we dedicated that much energy nailing the banksters who destroyed trilliions? Maybe Obama's trying to show us how tough he is on fat cats.
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Natalie Rosen · Top Commenter · Boston, University, Suffolk University, Boston College
I cannot help but feel similarly to Nigel. I never looked at a soccer game until recently when the media blew it up into gargantuan proportions in the US to capture the US media market I guess. Who cared here about FIFA? Answer: FEW! Who cared about fraudulent Wall Street and all the other things the blogger Nigel Thorn mentioned? Answer: 98% of America. Who is sitting in jail for the biggest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated in the US? Answer Bernie Madoff. One lonely guy sitting with all those drug dealers. Madoff what a Dickensian name and how Dickens like the outcome. The real fraudsters not only get away with crimes that curl one's hair but they make a killing (pardon the pun) doing so! Where is justice in this world? Answer: NOT HERE!
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William Brock · Top Commenter
Too bad the United States Attorney General doesn't go after Goldman Saks, Banks, Wall Street and the Real Estate snakes. The ones that caused the United States economy to crash and the theft of 7 Trillion dollars from the American Taxpayers! Could it be President Obama told The U.S. Attorney General, his nominee, Loretta Lynch, to lay off his buddies? This FIFA sweep is just a smoke screen to grab the public's attention away from the 2008 thieves that used the United States and the World as their private gambling hall and walked away with $Trillions of dollars........Who do they think they are fooling? Washington Thieves laughing all the way to their off-shore banks.
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Billy Corners · OOB
I agree. Kind of funny, half the people in the read thought the same way when we first read this.
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John Elliott · Top Commenter · Works at Political consulting
The U.S/Britain are mad Russia and Qatar got the world cups. This investigation will go no where. What should I care about some guy in a third world country taking bribe??

How about we investigate the billions of cash that was sent to Iraq during the world and got stolen???
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Charlotte Edwards · Top Commenter · Chestnut Hill School of Anesthesia
John Elliott Read James Risen's last book. You are correct.
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Natalie Rosen · Top Commenter · Boston, University, Suffolk University, Boston College
John Elliott 100% agree. No 150% agree!
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Yolanda Bassett · Top Commenter
John Oliver is going to love this!!!!!!!!!!!! He hits FIFA harder that anyone I have ever seen. I bet right about now he wishes his show was on more than once a week.
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John Elliott · Top Commenter · Works at Political consulting
Yep, the British don't like FIFA because they think every world cup should be placed in Britain. I'm not a fan of FIFA leadership, but the corruptions charges don't have any substantial evidences.

How about the 20 billion dollars that got missing in Iraq and was never found?? That was the American tax payers actual cash.
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Cristiano SinNombre · Top Commenter · Back-Stabbing Republicans got us into this mess at Now Republicans pose as our saviour
forget about WALL STREET.

forget about our CORRUPTED BANK SYSTEM.

forget about our National Football League.

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