Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shades of Gray

In Baltimore, Freddie Gray seemed to die a needless death from a severed spinal cord at the hands of police. A blogger said there is scientifically no such thing as race. He is probably correct but one's eyes see a difference whether the DNA of genetics sees it or not. The issue is as I see it to look at the room with a view from both sides of the wide divide with a calm perspective.

We must acknowledge the perspective of police who have the Herculean task of maintaining order even when so called race is not a factor as criminality is a human thing. They must control it, keep the peace and save lives including their own in the process.

Person's of empathy ask why did Mr. Gray's spinal cord snap? We must acknowledge too that some will use an injustice to do most anything violent BUT the fact remains that Mr. Gray is in the ground at 25 years old and multiply his experience exponentially.  The Staten Island police choking of Eric Garner was one of the most unjust killings by police seen with one's own eyes on video but no one has been been brought to trial for that murder of him for allegedly selling some "loosie" cigarettes. The prosecution of officer Wilson of Missouri for the "hands up" killing of Michael Brown took place in front of a kangaroo grand jury and was filled with legal prosecutorial errors that let Officer Wilson off with no criminal punishment. It was laughable if it were not so serious and there are numbers more suspicious killings of young men of color for minor offenses too numerous to mention here. There is Angerman everywhere and few solutions for his rage in sight.

No one person, no money thrown at the situation, no program to improve educational statistics, no brilliant teacher or principal -- nothing can force a person to pick up a book and read, study and love learning. That is the first pillar of improvement.

I know the vile consequences of slavery, I know the awful consequences of segregation, and I also know the horrible consequences of violence that burns down one's own neighborhood. What can I say, what can I do to help our tortured species out of this quagmire of its own making? And there are all the other screaming quagmires that command attention and help.

There are reasons for everything but sometimes the reasons are shades of gray. My first rule is to account for my own behavior and try, at least try, to be the most humane person I am able to be and treat others as I would want to be treated myself.

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