Friday, April 03, 2015

Historic Agreement -- I have Met the Enemy

I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Finally, finally our president is getting credit for what he can do. See link here or below.  One can only imagine how this nation could have economically returned even more strongly then it has if we did not have an enemy -- the nearly all white racist Republican Party, whose power is by, for and of white men dedicated from day one to the destruction of the first African American man in the oval office.

Let's see how far the Republican Party will go to defeat this third world nuclear war avoidance eminently historic agreement with Iran whose forgers are worthy of a Nobel Peace prize. So far the obstructionist nullifying Republican Party has been somewhat silent. It must mean the agreement Obama and Secretary Kerry so diligently forged is so good even they are muted. We'll see for how long.

If Republicans block the president on this, work for and expect the resounding defeat of this poisonous Party in 2016. "I have met the enemy and it is us." Illustrator Walt Kelly, in the 1960s and referred to the turmoil caused by the Vietnam War.


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