Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Why George W. Bush should NOT march in Selma -- by Vincent Intondi

I 100% agree with the author for all the things he enumerated in his opinion linked here or below. 

I take further issue with any Republcan who considers commemorating that day. The Republican Party is filled with those who would never, if they were alive then, have supported the things for which Dr. King stood. The Republican Party is in line now with racists, obstructionists and nullifiers of anything the first African American president does and who, if they had the chance, would return to an 1850 America.

These Republican charlatans and political opportunists should not have the glory of attaching themselves to a cause because it simply looks oh-so-good and they think it proves they are not racist or because they have a person of color or two in their district. The essence of the Republicon Party is the essence of its whip -- Stephen Scalise -- who had no problem speaking before a group that supported former KKK leader, David Duke.

A member in good standing of the Republican Party should not even think about trodding the ground upon which Dr. King walked unless and until he/she rejects in totality the platform of its Republican Party of racists!


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