Monday, March 30, 2015

Polio and killing cancer

FABULOUS SIXTY MINUTES PROGRAMMING linked here or below. If you did not see it you can get it online.  I loved it and thought it was so interesting. For those of us who feel that polio struck us but now it's gone and to see a use for this monstrosity virus to actually help possibly cure the emperor of all maladies as Siddhartha Mukerjee's book calls it is so inspiring to me.

Polio of all viruses that produced so much suffering in the 1950's and now even elsewhere in the world that there actually is a use for it makes me feel it was not in vain. Wonderful inspiring episode of 60 Minutes

On another note:

HBO tonight has Ken Burns's PBS documentary on the history of cancer treatment based on Sidarthartha Mukerjee's book.  I bought Siddhartha Mukerjee's "Emperor of All Maladies -- a Biography of Cancer" book awhile ago and it is brilliant.  Series is I think three or four episodes.

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