Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If you want to know the whole truth with no commercial slant as is characteristic of the mainstream news, click on the link here or below from "Democracy Now."  It will talk about, as you scroll down, what the true situation in Iraq and the Middle East now is.

One word aptly describes what Bush's invasion of Iraq 13 years ago has wrought -- a MESS.  It unleashed an unlivable horror of sectarian revolts and the overthrow of stability -- tyrannical yes but mostly stable regimes nonetheless.  Hundreds of thousands in this violent and fragile part of the world have been slaughtered with millions of refugees among them and, including Afghanistan, about 8 thousand Americans more than the number of dead on 9/11 and still counting as war against vicious brutal ISIS never before in Iraq until Bush invaded is ongoing.

If you are tired of negative reports then I say that's too bad because it is your life, your children's lives and succeeding generations' lives that are at stake.  The Iraq War 13 years ago hardly ushered in the paradise of Jeffersonian democracy and a "New American Century" that Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearle and his war criminal henchmen propagandized it would.

Again, THINK before you allow your nation to commit its youngest and strongest to wars that are in no one's interest except the forces of gargantuan money that profit from it. American's memories are short and that is too bad too because our strength like Rome of centuries past is being sapped through expensive, long, brutal, and never-ending war across the globe. 

Is this the world you want to leave for your children?  I hope fervently it is not already too late!

Electing Republican or the status quo anything will perpetuate these massive killing fields.

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