Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Roots of Terrorism -- A Response to Stephen Kinzer editorial

The February 15 Globe article by Stephen Kinzer entitled "A root of terrorism grew from Europe's colonization" was spot on correct.  My letter to the Globe was printed in today's edition.  It is as follows.

As western head-scratching occurs trying to figure out why so many Muslims are so angry and so violent to us, it seems impossible for the west to admit that history counts. The legacy of colonialism and its brutality, while, perhaps, not felt at first, did rear its ugly head later.  It is pitiful that the media rarely makes mention of it.  The gargantuan mistake of the Iraq War based on lies is simply another example of western historical amnesia.  The US illegally invaded a foreign nation, Iraq, that did nothing to deserve it.  Colonialism and it have had disastrous consequences as American go shopping or watch the Superbowl and almost instantaneously forget the consequences of that history.

Human beings resent conquerors and they resent being slaughtered especially when they are guilty of nothing except having the world's most voluminous supply of oil and the west's insatiable appetite for it.  You want to know why the ugly barbarism of ISIS exists I suggest you remember Shakespeare's immortal lines:  "The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves."

I am hearing things I do not want to hear.  I am hearing that they are pushing MSNBC away from its progressive format.  They are I have heard but do not know if it is true that Chris Hayes may be given the door.  I HOPE this is not true.  I ask you to write MSNBC or call MSNBC (phone number is easily available if you Google it) and show him and MSNBC support as they broadcast now.  I have heard too that Joy Reid whom I love is going to do other formats and that Al Sharpton's job is in the crosshairs. DO NOT LET THE CORPORATIST Phil Griffin do what we all feared he would when Olbermann left and Comcast bought MSNBC out.  If you let them they will decimate the ONLY major cable network that speaks for the 98%. Their reporting and commentary is spot on correct and excellent.  If you think the Tea Party has been duped and hoodwinked by this corporatist agenda you are right.  They have and they do not even realize it.  The Republican Party is NOT about most of them.  It must appeal to the lesser angels of their human nature.  It is racist, mendacious and inhumane.  Our nation is being taken over by them. DO NOT LET IT.  IT IS WHY YOU MUST VOTE BEFORE you will not have a nation for which to vote!

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