Friday, February 20, 2015

The Despicable Giuliani--Off the Top of My Head

Sometimes I feel so strongly about a political issue that the force behind that feeling compels me to write something quickly while sacrificing syntactical excellence. Former Mayor of New York City Giuliani's dastardly comments about the president's, as he put it, "hatred for America" spawned a volcanic eruption in my brain. Hence I sent my opinion in opposition to him stating that objection emphatically and rapidly.

Giuliani's statement is, of course, not only untrue but part and parcel of what the Republicon Party is all about in our time. It is the Party of hatred of the other meaning persons of color. I could not let him get away with such hateful and despicable comments so I sent my off-the-top-of-my-head sentiments (pasted below) to him.

Mr. Giuliani, I think I have never heard more despicable, insulting, sickening words uttered than the ones you did today about our President, a man whom I love. You are without a doubt the most feckless, rude, brazen, disgusting former mayor of the great City of New York. I am thankful every day that you failed to achieve the electoral heights you desired because if you did only God could help us.

On 9/11 you missed the boat and failed to protect the buildings adequately and there are probably many other things I could say that would impugn YOUR patriotism. But I will refrain from doing that and simply say I think your comments were disrespectful not only to Barack Obama, our president and yes, YOUR president too but they were an insult to the nation who elected him and to whom you SHOULD apologize.

I wish I had a nickel for all the times the president has waxed patriotic. Perhaps I would be a part of the 1% richest like you. You are a mean, cruel and utterly disparaging human being.

May you continue, if you try for higher political office or any thing else for that matter NEVER be successful. You are a mean spirited racist brute!

From one who LOVES her eminently patriotic president!

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