Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars -- Quick Thought

Thrilled American Sniper was sniped. I think they did a good job selecting the most worthy. I only cared that American Sniper would NOT be chosen and it wasn't. That rotten Eastwood deserves to pack up his things and go home. The vile thing he pulled at the Republican convention insulting the president profanely did not win him votes in Hollywood and Hollywood would not be remembered for lauding a killer. I rather knew the Academy would ditch him. Further a man who was as screwed up as Kyle's claim to fame was that he had 160 kills is a disgusting attribute and in the end one of his own Marines killed him because they were both cut from the same psychotic cloth. To be proud of 160 kills as if they were shooting meat is revolting. More than that Eddie Redmayne really deserved it for best actor of Stephen Hawking's life. And Juliane Moore is the best too for "I'm still Alice" about Alzheimer's.

 I will eventually see all the winners probably on Netflix!

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