Sunday, February 15, 2015

Netanyahu the WRONG Response

Two attacks in Copenhagen is eerily similar to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France and its sidecar attack on a Jewish kosher market.  This time it was an attack on a free speech forum and then an attack on a Jewish synagogue.  The attacks against Jews eviscerates my soul.  It harkens back, for me, to the vicious antiSemitism seen in the culmination of the Holocaust that eradicated 2/3rds of the Jews of Europe.  We are seventy years from that unspeakable time and yet and yet this longest hatred continues for .2%, yes that's right, point 2 meaning 2 tenths of one percent of the world's population.

The Prime Minister of Denmark reached out to the Jewish community asking them not to fear attacks because the country of Denmark will protect them.  What was the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu's, irrational response?   He urges all Jews to leave Europe and emigrate to Israel.  Oh sure, ratchet up the fear even more insulting the Danish Prime Minister and the Danish people, long time friends to Jews in their perpetual endurance of hate. This is insanity on many levels and it must stop. Jews everywhere should reject Netanyahu's pathological politics of fear, war and mayhem.

This Prime Minister of Israel who says he loves the Jewish state and the Jewish people counteracts the Danish Prime Minister who says Denmark is safe for Jews and that the authorities in it will protect them.  What a great idea Netanyahu has -- NOT. Let's urge all Jews to congregate in one spot so they can be sitting ducks for attacks when the dispersal of Jews throughout the world is a much better preservative action especially in nations that extend their hand to Jews remembering the Nazi atrocities against us.

Netanyahu's actions serve only to inflame and encircle Muslims as if each and every single Muslim is out to kill Jews.  We know this is not so.  The worst action I can think of is meet this situation with fear and violence as violence begets violence all over the world.

Human beings -- Jew, Muslim, Christian, white, brown, black and others must come to their senses and be big-brain rational.  Stop this incessant never ending violent spiral and learn to live with the realities of life.  Humanity is diverse, it is
multidimensional, and is multicultural not just in Europe but EVERYWHERE on the planet.

The Israeli people should reject the religious extremism in its ranks and send Netanyahu a message of defeat in the soon-to-be-held Israeli elections. Netanyahu's path is NOT a path to peace it is a path to permanent war and destruction.  It will continue from generation to generation until someone bold enough, humane enough, and savvy enough chooses a different way.  

My Jewish brethren, do NOT leave Europe but enhance it as we always have.

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