Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Miracle Worker

 "Obama Ends 2014 With Swagger ... "

The article in Huffington by Sam Stein is linked here or at the end.

It is a miracle the President, as the article states, has done all he has done in his so called "lame duck session." It is the eighth wonder of the world that he did all the things he has done during his entire presidency despite an obstructionist Republican Party of very white racists who could not stand the sight of his melanin hue in the White House.  They stymied everything he wanted to do to lift the nation out of its 30 year mostly Republican induced and George Bush promulgated coma.   Barack Obama was handed a pile of lemons and the lemonade he made is settling our collective stomachs.

My father always said that you could not argue with success.  The President now has much to crow about, the ebullience of which, one could see at his pre-Hawaii Christmas vacation press conference.  From Cuba to health care to the economy to getting a formerly intractable China on board with a climate change fix and everything in between if Republicans want to undo all the good this president has done, okay, go ahead make my day.  They will sow the seeds of their own destruction in 2016.  A new color in the political spectrum rainbow should be called Republican Obsolete.  The people, too, must vote to usher out the Republican Party of mendacity. Republicans cannot love America as they say they do when they really want to stagnate and sink it keeping what remains of its monied carcass for only them, the 1% wealthiest.

What God giveth God can taketh away.  Republican victories can be turned into defeats.  As some say in Hebrew parlance "Baruch HaShem" translation: Praise God, let it be so. The Republican Philistines must be crushed if they destroy the many good things this president has done since he was handed the 2007 Bush nightmare economy in free fall and a brutal savage war made up of lies that killed so many. 

Barack Obama, I've stuck with you and can easily say I love you.  All my life I have looked for a new FDR whom my father, though a staunch Republican, loved.  This president may be my miracle answered even though in November I thought all hope was lost.  It wasn't.  It was lying there underneath the radar screen.  As the miracle worker, Annie Sullivan, the great teacher of her blind and deaf student, Helen Keller said after much struggle: "She sees" and, now, so do I!


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