Saturday, December 06, 2014

Peter Pan Grows Up--A Review

Allison Williams as "Peter Pan" was astoundingly good and eminently multi-talented in this modern day version of the classic.  Watching her was worth watching the epic long show.  She was as wonderful as she is lovely to watch.  She combined, an ability to act, an ability to sing and an ability to dance (and fly) with ease. 

The biggest question for me, a lover of the black and white 1950's show staring Mary Martin and the great Cyril Richard, was would it measure up to that historical treasure.  I think, in large part, with its vibrant color alternative to the black and white dull of yesteryear it did. 

Christopher Walken, while talented and decent for the role of Captain Hook did not, for me, compare with the great Cyril Richard.  Who really could?  There was only one
tall, haughty, hateful, and frightening character of Hook.  Richard who, in very Shakespearean fashion, uniquely captured Hook's essence and is, I believe, historically cemented in that role. 

Small criticism goes to the character of Smee, Hook's pirate servant on the ship Jolly Roger.  The criticism is not so much for his performance but rather for his essence.  I thought the role, as in the 1950's version, belonged to a more elderly and physically feeble man instead of the tattooed young body builder who could take Hook down physically in a heartbeat.  I was hard pressed to see this Smee subservient to anyone.  It is though small criticism in an otherwise excellently played "Peter Pan" and Allison Williams contributed in no small part to that. Kudos, too, to the rest of the cast.

Peter Pan, I am glad to see, still lives even though the production is all grown up!

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