Monday, December 29, 2014


It is sad that one must choose whom to support -- the police or black men killed especially Mr. Garner who was video shown crystal clearly to be robbed of his life for an allegedly trivial offense by law enforcement using an unnecessary choke hold frowned upon police behavior even in its own manual.

I mourn for the two policemen viciously murdered by a deranged man thinking that act would say and do something in protest of the assaults on black men. It did quite the opposite. It placed people in polar opposite camps when, in fact, they should join together to mourn the injustice in all camps where the innocent are slain for no good reason.

I support our men and women in blue emphatically and without equivocation as they are entrusted by us to protect and to serve. Their jobs encounter dangers most of us will never know but when wrong is done by any I speak out against that. The men in blue turning their back on Mayor DeBlasio was an insult and an assault on sensibility in a season of supposed good will. The mayor after the Garner unnecessary death at the hands of police was trying to calm an otherwise angry -- very angry-- black community which could have erupted at any moment into unchained violence that would rain down on a city which has known too much death.

The mayor has said MANY times that he supports and mourns both Officer Ramos and Officer Liu's deaths as if it were an attack on the entire city and, indeed, on him. All unjust murders should be protested. Mr. Garner, Officer Liu, and Officer Ramos suffered the same fate -- brutal deaths none of which should have occurred and should be protested by all.

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