Tuesday, November 04, 2014


The predictions are dire right down to Brown the carpetbagger who is not even from New Hampshire winning and Shaheen who is such a good candidate and a native NH person losing and Baker with his fake crying winning. If a dem did what he did they would be blown out of the water.

It is why I think the whole goddamn thing is bought, rigged and we don't have a chance....it cannot be possible that an electorate which does not like the intractable congress and it's obstructionist division would think it a good idea to elect the gd party that is responsible for the obstruction. It's the Party that shut down the government for Christ's sake. It would be like a person having an obstructed intestine blocked by a rock and so to unobstructed it the surgeon puts more rocks in.

I am an inconsolable person. I just cannot stand the injustice that billionaires control it all and fix elections. They got more personable candidates than Sharon Engel in say Jodi Ernst who LOOKS better but is selling the same poison times 10. These Republicrats are utterly right wing extremist on the political scale next to fascist. They are wolves dressed in the proverbial sheep's clothing -- a Trojan Horse!

As to foreign policy where Obama lost his base let's hold Bush's feet to the fire and indict him. If Obama did what he did conduct a phoney war killing hundreds of thousands and destabilizing the entire Middle East he would have been impeached in a heart beat.

It's got to be that it is fixed the whole goddamn thing is rigged. It's got to be no one who is in th 98% could think Republicans give a shit about them. I am speechless for the first time in my life.

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