Friday, November 14, 2014

Richard Engel -- The War Against ISIS

I paste this incredible Richard Engel report below on the above referenced programming. The invasion of Iraq, historians will no doubt say, was the greatest blunder in US History. Go ahead, put another nationalist know nothing Republican, say a Jeb Bush, into office or put a whole Congress of Republican know nothings into high office and see what you get. You will get and probably now have eternal war; never ending, trillions of bucks war killing thousands more as far into the future as the eye can see capturing your children and even your children's children for a "mission UNACCOMPLISHED" Bush did not envision. As Engel says "No Iraq, No ISIS" it is as simple as that. He destabilized an entire region. The forces of slaughter that George W. Bush and his henchmen unleashed has engaged this nation in an eternal war we better win.

Richard Engel's reporting is UNBELIEVABLE about the war against ISIS which I have linked below. It is well worth your time not to stay ignorant of that which your country has done in your name. Weep, America, because you do not know enough to keep ignorant Cretans out of office. As Engel says "The US stayed in Iraq and it did no good; the US left Iraq and it did no good." Now as the president ups the forces again turning it into probably another ground war the US will be there in perpetuity way beyond Obama's term in office. The president really has no other choice.

If we stay out ISIS may surely establish their caliphate. They are strong and getting stronger drawing religious fanatical converts by the hundreds from even the west and making alliances with even Al Qaeda and other groups; establishing their own currency. It is truly amazing. Can they do it with the many disparate groups with whom they have often fought? Who knows? Do you want to risk turning the clock back to the 8th century to find out?

Watch this hour long program which I link here and below learn what your country has done to you!

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