Friday, October 17, 2014


If progressives cannot look at the bigger picture then they get what they deserve. I am an ardent liberal and an equally ardent Democrat. Liberals, get a brain. You want the Senate to be taken over by know nothings, racists and science denying religious fanatics? Is that what you REALLY want? And you want a total end to Roe v. Wade so women can die being poisoned by quack abortionists like it was in the good ole Mad Men days.

If progressives cannot see the forest through the trees and overlook what you do not like about the president then you will get a Supreme Court that will do all the heinous things the 5/4 Court already has done but be on steroids doing them.

Liberals, you really think Republicons are going to restore the things on which you think Obama disappointed you? THINK AGAIN. They will do the same things except worse and god forbid they get the presidency kiss health care goodbye, kiss Social Security goodbye, kiss Medicare goodbye and welcome the glories of privatization of everything .. NO safety nets because as the conservatives at one of the 2012 "debates" said “let em die” that is exactly the polices you will get.

GET out the gd Democratic vote and don’t be stupid!

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