Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dust to Dust

Headline: "White House Hit With What Appears To Be Sustained Cyberattack."  What the hell else could befall this president? I do not know how he takes it. I love him still and I do not care about those who do not. He inherited a beast in world and domestic politics from the know-nothing Bush. Everywhere this man turns there is a huge problem a day with a sidecar of life and death consequences.  He encounters an opposition, the Republicans, who want him to fail and by extension we will fail in a nuclearized world. 

The president KNOWS what to do but is foiled at every corner and cannot get even his most benign nominees to important positions approved by a cement-like Congress. I'm white and I say racism is a large part of his opposition; so endemic to this nation that it is a cancer eating away at our body politic.  It is the true etiology of the Republican obstructionism which will not allow him do his job.  It is their Revelation's attempt to gain power encouraging a politically biblical Armageddon.

George W. Bush gets this nation entangled in the worst foreign policy catastrophes of all time and I hear nary a word of recall against the one who ruined it all so Obama has to clean up a dump-heap mess. 

Bush's puerile assessment that "Puty Pute is a good guy and I know what is in his heart" falls flat.  Puty Pute decides he doesn't like us anymore.  Both China and Russia see the weakened position in which the opposition has placed this president and move in for the kill while Snowden betrays his own country exposing its classified secrets to the world entire. He does not know the world is NOT as our Founders knew their world to be.  The wet-behind-the-ears Snowden knows NOT what he has done.

LEAVE OUR PRESIDENT ALONE to do his job and then Democrats KNOW where the real problem lies. GET OUT THE VOTE and unseat these obstructionist Republican unpatriotic excuses for leadership and cut out their Ebolic virus from the veins of our nation. 

If you don't vote then don't complain when you get Armageddon Bush's spawn times 10 on steroids
giving credence to the words found in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer -- "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust and to dust all of us will return" well before our time!

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