Monday, October 27, 2014

Coakley UP 45-41 - New York Times - Today's Poll

An email from my Democratic campaign friend (see email below) evoked a response.  Thank you Dhruba, for the email.  I have been walking around all day as if I were stun gunned by the Globe's endorsement of Baker. It is UNTHINKABLE in this state known for its usual smart blue slant to all of a sudden lose its brain and think that a Republican is going to trickle down the state to economic health. What WILL happen under Republican rule is a heretofore healthy blue state will turn Ebola sickly red!

We above all know the utter failure of Republican politics most especially economic political policy.  Why do we know this?  Because Republican economic policy has been given a 30 year try not to mention the 1929 Depression under Republican do nothing presidents. Remember the Great Recession under Bush. It came from Republican policy.

In almost every case Republicans who now control the governor's office have run their state into not only political red but economic red as well.  Chris overrule-science-blowhard-faker Christie has sent New Jersey's credit rating into the latrine.  Scott has run roughshod over Florida as has Walker in Wisconsin, LePage in Maine, Brownback in Kansas and it goes on and on and on and on. So now according to the Glob, yes, I do mean Glob, Baker is going to save some towns that are not so prosperous in Massachusetts with his what cutting the corporate tax rate and slashing social programs for the sick, the elderly and the poor?

Oh I forgot it said he could work with Democrats.  My posterior he can.  Do NOT believe it. 
Massachusetts, my proudly heralded state, think twice before you EVER on planet earth think of pulling the lever for any Republican.  They have defined their party and it is NOT the party of most of you or really anyone else in this country. 

I read Red Sox owner John millionaire or maybe billionaire Henry owns the Globe so its Republican slant should be of no surprise.   If the Red Sox finishing in the cellar is a metaphor for the Globe's endorsement of Baker's success it has an ominous running the state into the red Republican glow!


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What it is worth ...

That is why some say - don't pay attention to polls - unless across the board. SocialSphere looks manipulative.
Thank You !!


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