Monday, October 20, 2014

A Short History Lesson

The Republicon CON Began in 1968 when Johnson would not run -- Vietnam blunder so Humphrey took the Democratic nomination but was albatrossed by the war; Republicon Nixon with his "moral (mental) majority" saw the white entire south flip from Dixicrat Dem to solid Republican. The law and order crowd went with them too.  It stands today. 

So there is power in a BUNCH of red small states.  Republicon strategy even until this day is to win a LOT of the small electoral states PLUS Texas and leave the big NE states Democratic and capturing a few.  It means now for Dems to win THEY must get the black minority, Hispanic, women and other minorities' vote registered and turn out.  To defeat that Republicrats have to voter suppress.  They are utterly loathsome.  Democrats, REGISTER despite Republicons vile attempts at suppression of the black and Hispanic vote.

The president is a human being after all and look at what the nincompoop the man who never should have been president Bush handed this president. He handed him a can of worms and the problem in the American memory is it is ever ever so short. They just do not remember even the Great Recession.  They think it was Obama's fault.  It WASN'T is was honed after 30 years of Republican economic policy for the rich that saw social programs cut while they cut the corporate tax rate. The megga rich NEVER created jobs.  They shipped them overseas.

Obamacare works, Bin Laden by his order is dead, and DOMA is dead, the economy is better and would be better still with more stimulus and unemployment compensation and without the OBSTRUCTIONIST Republican Party wanting to gum up everything this president did.
Even Ebola is doing just what the experts predicted WITHOUT shutting down the borders. Dallas Presbyterian Hospital go kick Republicrats in the posterior for cutting social programs like the CDC and NIH which was making an Ebola vaccine but had to stop because of the Repbulicon cuts. Republicans closed down the government and nearly did not pay the nation's debs everything for Republicans over sized zeal to get power, return to a white racist nation and damn the American public in the process

The president's blunder was trying to reach across the isle to compromise with a racist white Party of Republicons who could not stand to see a black man in that ever so white house.
Everyone after the 2008 horror Great Recession should get down on their knees and be thankful our nation survives.  NOW GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE and DO NOT under any circumstances let REPUBLIcrats rule. You will get rule by the 1% megga rich, they will ship jobs overseas and we the 98% will be up s ____ 's creek without the proverbial paddle yet again!   REMEMBER Republicans do not give a damn about most of you.


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