Thursday, September 25, 2014

The ISIS Crisis -- A Decision

Listening to the president's persuasive eloquence at the UN, knowing that now we have Arab allies among others in the armed coalition, and knowing this president thinks things out scrupulously I am comfortable in my support for his decision to act against ISIS and its affiliates.

The reports today from smuggled out film of the kind of humanity (if one wants to call it humanity) that ISIS, et al is I am sickened by their nauseating brutality and the monstrosity of their faux religious ideological belief if you want to call it religious belief.  Islam surely is not about that.

Another French tourist hiking in Algeria was captured by the ISIS arm of death, promptly decapitated posting the decapitation along with other unspeakable behavior after the beheading on the Internet -- the fourth beheading barbarism in a short period of time.  The other atrocities ISIS & Co. commit are enumerable.  Who could allow these monsters born from the depths of a swamp to gain the foothold they are poised to gain if not stopped?

Covering up women Taliban style is not enough for ISIS.  Women in an ISIS world would be covered in black from head to toe with NOTHING -- and I do mean NOTHING not even an eyebrow -- showing.  The outrage at these outrageous sects leads me to conclude what the president has ordered is correct.  ISIS, Inc. cannot be allowed to commit Medieval madness in the extreme.

I answered my question.  Whom do I trust?  I trust this president and the US military with Arab and other support in its attempts to rid the world of this savage and rapacious scourge no matter how long it takes. 

We can ask nothing more of our gigantic power and expect nothing less.  The US military is the only thing that stands between you and a new Dark Age!

 We naturally need to elect Democrats across the nation so the brilliance of this president can be enhanced over the next two years.  Think about what could be done and the legacy he would leave.  SIGN UP DEMOCRATS ACROSS THE NATION AND BRING THEM TO THE POLLS NO MATTER WHAT THE REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONIST BRUTALITY DOES TO PREVENT IT.  DO NOT LET THEM.  OVERTHROW THROUGH OUR EXAMPLE OF THE ELECTORAL PROCESS THIS REPUBLICAN NIGHTMARE AND LET THE PRESIDENT LEAD FOR THE BETTERMENT OF US, THE 98%!

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