Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moulton the Magnificent

Those who do not care about Massachusetts politics you can ignore this but mark my words -- as either being out on Planet Pluto or presciently correct.  You will have to wait until 2020 to see if I am.  I will be, well who the heck knows where I'll be, but I will say this anyway.

I know Seth Moulton is not even in my district.  I don't care I am giving a shout out to this man whom I never even gave a first thought never mind a second to.  He did something big AND he is a fabulous candidate for the 6th District of Mass. He unseated a nearly two decades Congressman Tierney from the 6th.  This is why I love politics especially when someone comes from out of nowhere to win.  (Republican rhymes with town, of course, an exception!)  Seth Moulton did just that and he is a Democrat.

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself but I will say it anyway.  This man is going places.  That district is his I predict for as long as he wants it.  I see a halo of Jack Kennedy II above his head.  Seth Moulton is a former Marine, a Philips Academy alum and Harvard grad to boot with a major in physics and -- excuse the looksist comment -- he is stunning.  Am I dreaming?  This is why I love Massachusetts and its all blue Congress -- Warren and Moulton, et al Nirvana.

Until he proves otherwise, I LOVE THIS GUY and say a big congrats to the 6th District that finally found a worthy man! 

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