Friday, September 26, 2014

Derek Jeter Delivers

I am a Red Sox fan from my toes to my brain but this man just captured me. Derek Jeter, as Brian Williams said on the evening news last night, will walk into the Hall of Fame. I haven't read about this game winning at bat last night, Jeter's last at Yankee Stadium after a storied career because I want to see it on TV today.

his veteran Yankee great of all greats in league with Ruth, Gehrig, and DiMaggio ends his baseball career in storybook fashion. Even I, with Red Sox in my blood, love him. In these days of sports and world corruption he shines like an angel -- a principled, man. I am crying just reading the first paragraph about the game last evening.  I am sure I will be a puddle of tears when I see it on TV this morning.

Good for you Derek Jeter for giving the nation your best and for giving it a much needed moment about which to cheer for a good and honorable man. What a breath of fresh air he is amid all the bickering, anger and violence of the nation and the world.

He never married because he felt he could not give a family and children the necessary attention his big career demanded.  Even that is the soul of a great man.  He wants to marry and have a family now and I suspect he will have no trouble finding one.  The woman who shares your life, Derek Jeter, will be a lucky one. Good luck to you. This Red Sox fan says thank you very much for delivering the wining run of your final game in the House that Ruth Built.  It is a symbolic winning moment of your entire winning life!!

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