Friday, August 15, 2014

The Fault

I blogged the following in response to a news report entitled "Should Obama Do More on Ferguson and Other Racial Issues?"  Link below.  Sorry for the less than pristine prose.  My anger got the best of me.  Drat that anger.  The article I blogged about is critical of the president on matters of race!  My anger welled up and my head exploded.

Those who criticize our president should get OFF just GET OFF his back.  This man gets opposition no matter WHAT he does.  Do you think he knows we live in a racist nation?  YOU BET HE DOES.  So what should he do?  Provoke a race war, just what the moron right wingnuts and NRA gun nuts are dying to have.  Sure play into their rancid hands.  Stand your ground laws are a state thing so what should he do get this venomous House to pass a law abandoning it in all 50 states?  Right and I can climb Everest (I can't!)  Republicans control state legislatures and governors' offices.  Good luck trying to have control over them.

How ANYONE on this planet can criticize this president for TRYING at least TRYING to do what his heart has wanted from day one and that is be a UNITER not a divider.  It is IMPOSSIBLE with a white Republican racist House that does NOT want to unite but wants to divide and take the president down

It is a pre-Civil War era type obstructionist House, immoral and rotten to its roots.  How is a president going to overcome that?  YOU the voter did that to him and to the rest of us when you put in the ugly white tea baggies to spew their venom and obstruct policy on every level. Our president can barely get an office appointment through. And what did REPUBLICRATS want in 2010?  To take away health care.  Yes, health care so people can die without it because their Republicon heart made of a rock does not care.

The fault dear Brutus is NOT in the stars or with our president but with YOU the voter who voted these poisonous snakes into office to stop the president at every corner because they simply do not like him and his skin color that comes with him. GET RepubliCONS OUT OF OFFICE in November BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY and then he will get something done for our nation in the process.


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