Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams -- A Tribute

Robin Williams resides in my own category of comedic brilliance among the greats I have loved including George Carlin, Jonathan Winters, Sid Caesar, Lucille Ball and the amazing Gilda Radner. Williams possessed, perhaps, even a touch more than anyone else.  He could do it all. His comedy like Mrs. Doubtfire was side splitting hilarious but serious drama, too, was included in his excellence.  Good Will Hunting was an example of that excellence for which he received an Academy Award.

When the artistic greats of our nation leave us either before their time or by natural causes I mourn their deaths.  A piece of our American family, for me,  dies with them. We, as a people, are more than war and more than ugly divided politics. These talents are a global gift.  Great performers from the Bette Davises and Charlie Chaplins of another era to the Robin Williames of our own time provide another facet of our people known as much for our talented genius as for our military might.

They allow us to laugh at life and at ourselves while letting us forget, for a moment, the sad violent state of mankind. I will, indeed, miss him!

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