Saturday, August 02, 2014

Because we can: The Hispanic Vote

I am trying to find a myriad of Hispanic/Latino web sites in which to forward my message. Republicans are hanging a noose around their necks and I could not be more thrilled.  A Democratic sweep in the November, 2014 elections IS not out of reach.  It will be hard but we can do it.  Democrats need to take back the House, keep the Senate and set themselves up for a permanent majority.   Please read the following quickly written email to those who have humanitarian interests at heart and forward it to any and all groups especially Hispanic/Latino ones you may know!

The Republicon talk after their 2012 election blowout was just that .... talk.  They said they needed to reach out to wider demographics meaning mainly the Hispanic vote.  Romney even said to his cronies that the Hispanic vote is 100% necessary to court if one wants to win an election and will be even more so as more and more Hispanics vote. 

The vote Friday on immigration by Republicans shows their ugly stripes.  It was sickening.  They are cruel, especially cruel to children, mean spirited and yes many are very racist.  Republicans are a white only club for the rich even though they appeal to poor Baggers they truly do not even have their interests at heart.

OUR JOB IS TO SIGN UP ALL DEMOCRATIC VOTERS PAYING SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE HISPANIC VOTE.  They are key to a Democratic victory in November.  I smell blood in the water in that I think it is possible given Republicons horrendous actions on so many things, I do not have time to enumerate them all, that Democrats CAN take the House back, keep the Senate and secure the presidency. The policies of Democrats we know favor an infinitely more diverse population.  We need to in every single state INCLUDING the southern states especially Texas, Arizona, and Florida to do everything we need to do no matter Republicon attempts at voter suppression to sign up the Hispanic and other minority votes. 

Republicans want to ditch the Dreamers and want to speed up deportations even unimaginably of 7 year olds. They do NOT want an immigration bill because they know they will be giving votes to Democrats.  Well voting against one will take votes away from Republicans! 

Republicon policies are mean, they are violent, they are morally wrong and indefensible.  Send this to anyone you know who can sign especially Hispanics/Latinos up to vote en masse.  Send this too to all those who need to sign up as a Democrat and if you know especially those out-of-state persons of color, get them OUT TO VOTE.  They must know what they need to know to sign up and then do it.  They need to get out on election day as was done in the 2012 election where many ... so many stood in line for hours because those Republican immoral bastards were trying like hell to take the vote of persons of color away.

So, pardon the passionate language, but our nation is at a crossroads.  We can either have two more years of the same horrific obstructionist stagnant do nothing and know nothing politics while our infrastructure crumbles and climate change threatens the planet or we can have our nation back and allow it to be all it can be.

November, 2014 GET OUT THE VOTE.  Hispanics, African Americans, women, the disabled, those in the military and the elderly the Democratic Party cares about them and because it cares about them it cares about the majority in this nation.  Your life, my life and your children's lives depend upon a Democratic victory in November.  DO it because we can!

Send this to anyone you choose!


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