Sunday, August 24, 2014

Perceptibly Ignorant

There is no mysterious subliminal or sub conscious explanation for those who step on their own toes and vote against their own interests.  Their lack of the ability to critically think is perceptibly evident; their ignorance clear for all the world to see.

Our nation is filled with know nothings and getting worse as higher education becomes unaffordable and the education one receives in elementary and high school, sometimes by equally ignorant staff, is often junk.  Experience the torture of watching a Tea Party or Republicon rally to see how serious the dearth of perceptual understanding of – well – most everything from science to the use of expressively correct English is.  Moreover, an understating of our nation’s history with a critical and questioning eye is nearly nonexistent.

I recently wrote an opinion on Dred Scott and its application to the racial events in Ferguson, MO. A friend said he would be willing to bet if one asked people as they walked by on a busy street if they knew and understood the importance of the Dred Scott decision or if they even heard of the name Dred Scott they would say "NO." 

The ignorance of history and the contemporary events of the nation in which our population lives and its electorate votes is staggering and that is why so many vote against their own interests.  They swallow the party line because they know nothing and do not want to know anything else.

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