Sunday, July 27, 2014

Supporting Israel

I am a Jew and I have supported Israel always. I continue to but there is no question that the daily news media dose of the carnage I see in Gaza bothers me. I wonder, though, if the carnage were on the Israeli side would there be a vociferous group of Palestinians for peace or would they cheer as they have on so many occasions for any suffering inflicted by them on Israel and its Jews?

It is the fact I know that no amount of shelling by Israel on Gazans will make them think twice about their desire -- at least Hamas's desire -- to eradicate the Jew and the Jewish state. They are determined to do that and they say so all the time. So I at once cringe at the horrendous suffering of the Palestinian people, want a two-state solution and the silence of peace to erupt but I know the enmity of Palestinians against the Jew runs deep as that hatred has run deep all over the world for 2 thousand years. Jews without power were pilloried and now Jews with power are vilified.

Moreover, for me, my support of Israel includes the historical reality of the Holocaust -- the systemic murdering of the 6 million and, perhaps, even 10 million Jews. It always, sits in the forefront of my frontal lobes.  In the final analysis, the world still shows over and over and over again its affection for a "final solution" to its "Jewish problem."  One need only Google two headlines to know there is still the continual din and unrelenting ghost of the longest hatred: "France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue"
and "... German Protesters Chant 'Gas the Jews' in Anti-Israel Rallies." See links below.

It is why I do not join J Street or any other Jewish/Palestinian peace organization because I fear in my heart another annihilation of the Jew awaits on the horizon. A one-state solution would mean certain death for Jews and the Jewish state Hamas continues to state in its charter it wants.

When Jews fight to defend themselves, I admit, I like it and it is in no small part because of the Holocaust that I do!

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