Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Deserving of No Less

The extremist "conservative" Supreme Court decided to allow a business, Hobby Lobby, the ability to impose its religious views on its employed as to contraception of all things. I thought contraception was settled law -- silly me.  I say go ahead, Republicans, DO IT and see how they alienate women, a vote they need, among numbers of other groups, to win elections.

Moreover, the issue of children on the US border foments a Niagara Falls of hate from Marietta, CA where nativists are spewing it. I maintain it is wonderful for Democrats.  It will and should sign up Hispanics as it should sign up ALL minority groups to vote Democratic.  Republicans, one can easily see, are NOT the Party of the 98%, this fact said so many times by me I repeat it in my dreams. 

In addition, Republican once presidential contender, Chris Christie, has refused to meet with the Sandyhook parents whose CHILDREN were killed by a senseless act of gun violence.  The fact that the killer could not get his extra magazine clips loaded in time and some children escaped the slaughter shows one how important it is, at the very LEAST, to limit the number of bullets the magazine clips hold!  Christie is against even that apparently fearing a rejection of him for the 2016 presidential Republican primaries as if Bridgegate were not enough to remove him from consideration.  SHAME on him and ALL Republicans for not embracing sensible gun regulations.  If Democrats are elected you will get that and it could save lives -- YOUR CHILDREN'S lives.

Yes, conservative hate runs deep. November should put that hate the Republican and Tea Party politics engenders where it belongs -- in the ash bin of history. REGISTER minorities, Hispanics, women, the disabled and the young Democrats or those leaning Democrat and even Republicans who want to switch over to Democrat because they cannot stand Republican Party politics anymore.  Sign Democrats up across the nation and do not forget what a right wing Republican religious fanatical extremist Supreme Court can do. We need Democratic presidents to obviate that. The mendacious Republicans possess no humane, ethical or moral scruples and possesses no thoughts of policy change.  How can they? They believe in a postage stamp size government. 

One simply has to hear the venom toward buses of CHILDREN needing refuge from certain death but instead are greeted with fuming American nativist right wing Republican hate in Mariata, CA. Lady Liberty says: "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." except NOT in Marietta, CA. Republicans need to be electorally crushed. They deserve no less. 


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