Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Unity in USA Soccer Win

The soccer game for the FIFA World Cup was so much fun to watch. USA defeated who Ghana?  Yep, Ghana.  We were in a fingernail-biting competition against nations other than Russia!  How refreshing that was.  The World Cup of soccer creates an equal playing field (pardon the pun) as nations have a chance to compete with even the strongest of other nations.  All have a chance even Ghana!  The sport of soccer seems to be taking hold in the US too.

I had little idea of the rules and never heard of most of the players.  In truth I heard of none of them but the enthusiasm of the USA chanting crowd was incredible to see. It was infectious. I keep saying to myself it is a lot of hype to make what else -- money.  In truth, though, I am as hyped as anyone is when team USA wins. I love to see it.

Yes, I love my country even though am oh so critical of policy. In the end I want our nation to win and now soccer provided that win as one huge world-wide sport begins to draw as much enthusiasm here as our traditional sports historically have. It is Olympic in nature sparking gobs of nationalistic pride. 

America is changing as the sport begins to appeal. The demographics here are changing too from exclusively Anglo white to many hues of brown.  To this unabashed liberal that is a good -- no a very good -- thing.

If we could only get policy right as the world is blowing up and climate change is killing us. Two twin epic Biblical proportion tornadoes struck the American west that rivaled for our attention against the triumphant USA win. It is a metaphor.  We have a lot -- a very lot -- of hard work to do.  The hardest job of all, though, is to unite us. I thought for one joyous moment in Brazil it had!

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