Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In a Heartbeat

Quickly written and unedited. What you should take away from Eric Cantor's big Virginia House majority leader's loss: You should know the guy he lost to (Brat -- yes, a Dickensian name) is worse than even Cantor. Brat is a Tea Party horror and would have voted against raising the debt ceiling sending the world into an economic earthquake. That VA district is VERY conservative gerrymandered that way by unconscionable Republicans. The Party has been taken over by the Tea Party racists on steroids. The other main issue that got Brat elected is he is death against Hispanics and persons of color who are looking for a path to citizenship to secure a better life.

The Republican Party is deathly afraid the demographics are changing. Persons of color WILL be in the majority. WE MUST WORK HARD ALL OVER THE COUNTRY to make use of minority numbers -- I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THAT ENOUGH -- to make sure these Republican unconscionable know nothings do NOT take back the Senate and it would be nice for Dems to take back the House -- in my dreams. If you think the Republican House is in gridlock now just wait until Republican right wing extremists take real power.

 If you know those in especially the Hispanic, Brazilian, South or Central American community and if you know or are yourself a person of color this email SURELY is important to you. GET THE HISPANIC AND MINORITY VOTE OUT ALL OVER THE NATION.

DO NOT GIVE UP and do NOT let this Republican Party of white -- very white -- racists, inhumane and cruel specimens of humanity ruin life for the poor, the sick, the disabled, the elderly, the student and the child who need our help. As Pope Francis is about the poor so should we all be. We are all I believe in my heart our brother and sister's keepers because, in truth, NO ONE KNOWS if economic derailment, injury, sickness or death of a loved one will happen to them and most of us are NOT billionaires.

Neither are the Tea Baggers but they do not intellectually understand the money that is behind their movement and they are so full of racist rage they do not care about much else. The money bags sit back, smile and use them to gain polices that are good for them and harmful even deadly for most of us. The billionaires are the power behind the Republican throne. WORK YOUR HEART OUT FOR THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It is the only Party that offers, wants to maintain and improve the safety nets we do have but it can be taken away in a heartbeat and make no mistake if Republicans gain real power it will be.


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