Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Happy Ending

This is an amazing video. I post it here and below. STICK with it if you can as it has a MOST happy ending. It will warm your heart.

I sobbed and then I cheered. I wanted to hold that rescued pup in my arms and never let go as he gets a transformation by wonderful humans from certain death to life. The organization Hope for Paws needs your help. They restore my faith in humanity while the bestial humans who left this pup on the street to die earn my wrath. I would love to see these sub-humans who left a pup abandoned to certain death on the street prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Watch and see what empathy and kindness human beings can deliver. It made me so happy to see what goodness there is still left in us who call ourselves human but when the evil in us triumphs it stops my heart.

The pup WILL have a good life and Hope for Paws will see to it that he does. I wish I could adopt him but I cannot so I hope that many will contribute to this wonderful organization, adopt and give a great life to an abandoned pup if you can. I also hope Hope for Paws gives us updates on Theo's condition and when he is adopted I hope it monitors where he is placed and how he is treated. I trust they will find him a good home!!

Please, Hope for Paws, give him many hugs for me!

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