Wednesday, April 02, 2014

In Answer to McCutcheon a Blogger has it 100% correct

I do not know who this blogger is below but she responded to the latest Sup. Ct. McCutcheon decision supporting an oligarchy and her blog speaks a truth I have known for a long time.  

Moral of her story:  VOTE and make the 1% IRRELEVANT!

In the end the Koch brothers each get just one vote. Just like the rest of us. The reason all the campaign money works is because people buy into what they are bombarded with. Instead of doing the work of researching the candidates they believe the advertisements. If they did the actual work, more candidates that 

1% of votes don't win elections. They have to earn support from members of the 99%. These are the voters screwing themselves and the entire country over by believing the ads instead of visiting the websites and really thinking about what their lives would look like under each candidate's vision. What would their life look like after a year of unemployment in their vision?

I have a blog and Politics is one of many topics I blog about. I'm in NJ and before last year's election I did a post comparing standings for Buono and Christie. Their standings came right from their websites, back to back for easy comparison. I did recommend voting for Buono. I'm a Democrat but not fully against Christie. Instincts told me this term wouldn't be the same. Enter Bridgegate. 

Yes, it was a lot of work. There are a lot of issues. But my vote is as powerful as a Koch vote. It mattered. Research meant I did it right. Buono lost the election but won the aftermath of Bridgegate.

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