Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crossing a Bridge Too Far

Personally, if I were a supporter of Chris Christie, which I am most definitely not, I would not be happy choosing my own attorney Randy Mastro to write a million dollar taxpayer-funded report entirely exonerating Christie for Bridgegate and think no one will see this refuse report for what it is – a not-even-creative piece of junk. Why on this earth would he put out a report as utterly stupidly inflammatory as that? Why would he inflame the very people who know the truth who could bury Christie and actually send him to jail? The report is like dousing him with gasoline, striking a match and setting him afire. Why would Mastro do that?

Calling Kelley sexist tying the Bridgegate fiasco to her (and Wildstein) alone because of her instability and grief over a man is not only the worst kind of sexism it is just plain stupid. I would be furious if I were Kelley and Stepian, the man with whom this report says she is romantically linked, because that report is so insulting, privacy invading, humiliating and most probably entirely false that she must, if she is human, be jumping up and down with rage. Judging by her attorney’s quick response to it she is angry. I do not blame her so would I be.

Moreover, to go so far as to say Mayor Zimmer of Hoboken's appearance of yawning on a stage was proof positive she was not upset about her issue is, well, inexpiable. That connection totally eluded me. Maybe she was yawning because she was exhausted from what this ordeal has put her though and maybe Christie said that because it is the only feeble defense Christie has since she has proof tying him to pay-for-play politics and conflicts of interest galore. What has he got to lose?

If I liked Christie, which I do not, I would think his attorney Mastro was a Democratic plant because the document he offered was so theater of the absurd absurd that instead of quieting Kelly, Wildstein and Stepian once allies of Christie, it fanned their fires with a wind so strong it could indeed take this beast Christie down.

Christie was back to his rude self in his “press conference” yesterday because, in my view, he is thinking heck what have I got to lose I’ve lied on everything anyway so maybe I should just throw a Hail Mary pass and hope for the best.

Well, governor, you may, in fact, have a lot to lose. Not only have you already lost your presidential candidacy which is a joke now anyway you may just be impeached and convicted losing your governor's office as well. Worst of all, however, because of your mind numbing idiotic defenseless “defense” you may also lose your freedom. Time will tell. This may just put you where you belong -- in orange strips behind bars.

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