Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Icing on the cake – Christie attends birthday party for Howard Stern

Governor-in-peril, Chris Christie, yesterday, went to the birthday party celebration of the profanity saturated shock jock Howard Stern. Howard Stern ushered in Sirius pay-to-play radio so, understandably, he was able to use a no-holds-barred free speech format without fear of litigation, cancellation or fines. I liked, at the time, Howard Stern's grit and his ardent support of liberal causes. The free speech Stern is laudable for his position on that issue but for Christie, the alleged governor of New Jersey, to celebrate the most extreme of a sexually obsessed and obscenity-laced radio talk host's birthday is head scratching.

I listened to Howard Stern when he first broadcast on pay radio because he was a novelty but his sexually unbridled show ultimately nauseated me. I did not know how even Robin Qivers, his classy sidekick, could sit beside him for years. Money, for some, is the motivator supreme and the politically ruined Christie is surely no exception. I thought his appearance at Howard Stern’s birthday was classless and just plain stupid, a good characterization of the governor himself.

The GWB uber slowing of traffic for days and the opaque withholding of the pay-to-play billions for Sandy relief aid put thousands of lives at risk. In the end it is Christie’s withholding of Hoboken relief money that I think will be the Shakespearean stake in Christie’s tragedy laced heart. Both of these scandals about which most think Christie the manager-of-minutiae-in-chief knew will put the icing on the Christie pay-to-play cake!

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