Friday, February 28, 2014

I've Got a Secret

PBS's "Frontline" here or at the link below is the most revelatory, the most complete, the most damaging report on an institution, the Catholic Church, so corrupt and so bestial over centuries it surpasses the boundaries of credulity. Pedophile sex abuse by priests within the Catholic Church has been reported in our time but, in fact, it has gone on for centuries. It is revealed in documents hidden within the Vatican archives in Rome. The Vatican has never been compelled to produce them by virtue of the Vatican's state status. To open the archives, which the Church refuses to do, would shed light on their historical malodorous contents and staggering hypocrisy of a Church that claims its liturgical basis on empathy for the poor and the dispossessed but was and still is, in fact, a vehicle for unbridled passions of sex, money and power. Jesus would be appalled.

These documents should be revealed to scholars and law enforcement for the asking. The PBS program "Secrets of the Vatican" if you choose to watch it is NOT easy viewing. It is left to adult discretion, of course, but I believe it too mature for children while an imperative for every adult to see.

It is only if light is made to shine upon the morass of filth and corruption the Vatican has for decades, indeed centuries, covered up that we will be able to gain in our modern era a modicum of justice for the thousands of its abused victims within this unnaturally celibate institution.

The Church hierarchy's hands are dripping with the blood of their crimes against innocents hidden by a church that has cared more about its power and its money than it does about the true teachings of its God and His alleged Son in whom they say they so ardently believe.

From the Middle Ages Pope Innocent II, first to demand Jews don the Star of David, to the silent-on-the- Holocaust, Pius XII to John Paul, the alleged saint and enabler of the sex abuse cover-up to Pope Benedict the ineffective lightweight who could not shoulder the demands of punishment nor effectively cleanse the stain of sex abuse and monetary corruption from so many church vestments, the Vatican should answer for its crimes against humanity.

The final nail in the coffin of corruption that appears in this documentary is the so called "Vatileaks" exposure of thousands of hidden papal documents the crime for which the pope's butler was made scapegoat, arrested and convicted. The Pope pardoned him. Pardoned him for what -- for exposing the truth about the slime under Peter's rock upon which the papacy was allegedly built?

The Church stands at a crossroads and wisely, it seems for now, has chosen Pope Francis, a Vatican outsider -- a different kind of pope -- to lead it out of its den of thieves, sexual predators and hypocrisy into the sunlight of its savior. If it does not its house and the cards upon which it stands are doomed to fall. It is only when all of the secrets of the Vatican are addressed and punishment levied for the heinous sexual and corporate crimes the Church has perpetrated that justice could in our time prevail.

If you want to see a riveting "Frontline" documentary click on the link above or below.

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