Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Judas in Our Time

With friends like former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates who needs enemies? Former Secretary Gates was chosen by George W. Bush to be in his administration and President Obama, in a show of bipartisanship, selected Gates as Defense Secretary to be in his administration as well. See how fair the president can be? 

Mr. President, we your base gave you warning. You can trust Republicans as much as you can throw a building across the street. I am NOT surprised Gates stabbed the president in the back. I know free speech rules but Gates knew the way the president thought especially about the Iraq war and he knew the president was given a mandate by the people to get this nation out of Iraq. WHY did Gates take the job? Am I paranoid thinking Gates took the job to spy for Republicans and to get a scathing book out against the president just in time for the 2014 election?

Secretary Gates, with all due respect, you worked for George W. Bush who began a war over lies and created mayhem. No WMD's were found in Iraq and Iraq had NOTHING to do with 911. Gates's guy Bush he loves so much and whose expertise he claims is so great began a war, destabilized the entire Middle East and gave an open door for Al Qaeda to enter Iraq. Al Qaeda is there because the United States of America decided to topple a regime that hated Al Qaeda. A BRILLIANT move -- NOT. The bully Bush and his minions, militarily stronger by far than any other nation on earth, played "mission accomplished" on the USS aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln with Bush in his ever-so-male flight suit complete with outline of his visible genitalia and the famous huge "Mission Accomplished" banner behind the little Bush. The mission was NEVER accomplished. 

When President Obama took office Americans and Iraqis too were dying by the thousands and there were and are millions of Iraqi refugees. What, Secretary Gates, you wanted this nation to continue this now sectarian war for how long -- 100 years maybe? That is NOT why the American people gave the boot to the president's challenger McCain in 2000 and to Romney in 2008 as well.

The Republican Party behaves recklessly without thought of what, after the antique shop is broken, can be done to fix the mess we created. Now nothing can be done. Other nations no longer want the strongest and so called "freest" nation on earth to stay in perpetuity. Our actions tend to make other people angry. I wonder why? Oh yes, I forgot they hate us for our freedom not for our lethal actions. Think again.

Gates owes his Commander in Chief an apology. Former Defense Secretary Gates wrote a book shooting a president, his president, in the back while the president tried to get the nation out of the Iraq quagmire that Gates's boy Bush began; the same Iraq exists in the chaos of sectarian violence to this day because his boy Bush was such genius.

Shame on you, former Defense Secretary Gates, your actions and the book you wrote excoriating the president under whom you served is a betrayal. Thanks, Judas, thanks for NOTHING!

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